Transaction Coordinator

Contract to Close


  •  Oversee all aspects of buyer and seller transactions from the executed Contracts to closing.

  •  Coordinate title/escrow  processes.

  •  Coordinate inspections, Coordinate completion of repairs.

  •  Regularly update and maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lender etc..

  •  Submit all necessary documentation to the office broker for file compliance.

  •  Schedule and coordinate the closing process.

  •  Input all client information into client database system.

This is based on your basic listing and purchase agreements. Each transaction is different from another, the fees will be based on the complexity of the transaction. Starting at $350 per transaction.

We will be using the sky scope platform for the document collection and servicing. This program uses DigiSign, and if you need me to stay in Transaction Desk with LVR I am proficient in that platform as well.

I can get things together for the listing presentation or I can start once you have the executed contract just email me the contract and any side notes and I will get started!