Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. This can also make it your biggest risk. Buying your first home should be an exciting time. A time of Celebration, not of worry.

While it is important to consider the property value, resale value, the neighborhood and all the amenities  when looking for your first house, don’t discount the true value of the word “Home.”

There is nothing quite as stressful as waiting to hear if your offer was accepted. Just remember that if it does not happen for you on that house, it was not meant to be. You will find another house that will be your perfect Home!

There will be the perfectly staged houses with the perfect paint, carpet, fixtures, but do yourself a favor and at least look at a place that has worn carpet or the faucets and fixtures are outdated. These are easy fixes, not to mention bargaining chips. Use your imagination, Sweat Equity is worth much more than you think!

If deals fall through, they were not meant to be. When you find your home, you will not even remember all those other houses. You will be too busy building your nest in your new Home!

Everyone is on a budget and trying to get as much out of the paycheck as possible. There are lots of lending packages out there for just about every situation. Call or go online with your favorite lender, get prequalified, let them explain to you what your options are and how much you actually can spend. Can you just imagine looking at what you believe in your heart is your new Home, and you cannot afford it? Your favorite lender is a big part of the search for your new Home. I have added a variety of lenders and a mortage caculator to help in your process.