Agent Tools




Agent landing page 


Fidelity National Title tools.

Bold Leads, on a round robin.

CRM Through the website or Bold Leads



We will be adding and deleting tools as we realize our daily needs.


QuickBooks is going to be the Agents path for their commission checks. This will be set up to be done when you are closing out the file.


The website is powered by Wix. It has a CRM, marketing tools, this includes SEO. That is the tools that get us noticed in the social sites. There are some interesting things that Wix offers. For access to see what the site has, just schedule a zoom with Shirayne, she is willing to try it all and keep what works!


If you have a tried and true that works for you, she is willing to listen and see if it may be a fit for Line x Line Realty.


Please remember we are here to help our clients buy and sell real estate, and most of our clients want ease of access, they want us at their fingertips. (their phones, laptop, or desktop)


Why do you really think Zillow is so big? Because it is easy for the client. And they keep making it easier. The clients have access 24/7 to the listings, lenders, calculators and RESPONCE! They like that they do not have to talk to anyone unless they want to.


So, our moto is if you can’t beat “em” join “em” This office will strive to be a virtual force in the Real Estate world, while maintaining the brick and mortar as long as it is needed.